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name: jessay
age: nineteen
location: fitzwilliam, soon to be in jaffrey.
what's the story behind your lj username?: it's part of my favorite song from my favorite band (that just broke up today) malachi constant. the song is called miss spiritual tramp of 1948.
sexuality: straight
fave quote: "i think i could fall in love wit chu g" - flavor flav
lover?: i have flings here and there but nobody likes me that much.
fave book: nine stories by salinger.
fave bands: xiu xiu, 1905, malachi constant, i hate myself, bright eyes, the blood brothers, the assistant, cursive, these green eyes (bffl), glassjaw, the flaming tsunamis, arrogant sons of bitches, indian summer, against me!, fiona apple, a silver mt. zion, mirah, explosions in the sky, astronautalis, our lady peace(up to and including happiness), kevin devine , etccc
fave movies: american history x, super troopers, welcome to the dollhouse, fight club, clerks (i can relate, i worked at a convenience store for a year)
fave foods: pasta, veggie burgers
do you live in the moment?: it depends on the moment. . not usually. most moments aren't very awesome.
favorite lyric from a song: "one brick today is one less for tomorrow." 1905-can't change everything
picture (optional):

(this one is from a few days ago)

i'm looking to start a band. . i really want to write and sing. . if you're from my area or know anyone from around here that would be interested, send them my way.
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i dont know. your weird. even though bright eyes and cursive kick ass....

convince me...
haha yeah, i'm weird, i dunno how you think so from the application but whatever.

uhh, well, if it makes me anymore "scene" in your eyes (haha, worst) my life is devoted to music. i take pictures for local bands and promote for free. check out my pictures here. my pictures have been in cds, on websites, and could possibly be featured in ap magazine in the near future for a freestyle rapper called astronautalis. my area of new hampshire doesn't really have a scene and i'm trying to change that by booking shows in the area. i'm coming out with a "company" with some friends soon and we'll be promoting, taking pictures, making videos, and setting up shows in the keene/peterborough area at some point..

uhh, and i'm the wmass scene legend ;)

haha whatever, i'm not very persuasive. i am what i am.
yay. your cool. haha. Yes.
Hmm... Well you like good music. So... yes. Are you going to see the Blood Brothers with Against Me! on the 23rd?
absolutely. i cannot wait.
Nice, I'll see you there.
hey, i saw kevin devine open for brand new at the palladium last year. i had never heard of him, but he's pretty cool.
i adore him. i did merch for this band from wmass the modern day saint when they played with him and the format at the hawks nest last winter. his merch table was next to theirs and we chatted about different music and he was a total sweetheart. over the summer i saw him again and he remembered me. i literally giggled about it for the rest of the night haha. but yeah, i bought his cd at the first show and listened to it constantly. he's fantastic.
i like some of your bands, and there are some ive never heard of before. but you seem cool enough. sway me into why you're so amazingly awesome and totally deserve a sickeningly emo place like this.