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name: jessay
age: nineteen
location: fitzwilliam, soon to be in jaffrey.
what's the story behind your lj username?: it's part of my favorite song from my favorite band (that just broke up today) malachi constant. the song is called miss spiritual tramp of 1948.
sexuality: straight
fave quote: "i think i could fall in love wit chu g" - flavor flav
lover?: i have flings here and there but nobody likes me that much.
fave book: nine stories by salinger.
fave bands: xiu xiu, 1905, malachi constant, i hate myself, bright eyes, the blood brothers, the assistant, cursive, these green eyes (bffl), glassjaw, the flaming tsunamis, arrogant sons of bitches, indian summer, against me!, fiona apple, a silver mt. zion, mirah, explosions in the sky, astronautalis, our lady peace(up to and including happiness), kevin devine , etccc
fave movies: american history x, super troopers, welcome to the dollhouse, fight club, clerks (i can relate, i worked at a convenience store for a year)
fave foods: pasta, veggie burgers
do you live in the moment?: it depends on the moment. . not usually. most moments aren't very awesome.
favorite lyric from a song: "one brick today is one less for tomorrow." 1905-can't change everything
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(this one is from a few days ago)

i'm looking to start a band. . i really want to write and sing. . if you're from my area or know anyone from around here that would be interested, send them my way.
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