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Hey guys my name's Brittany. I'm not from New Hampshire but I'm goin to school here at UNH.
age: 20
location: Durham
what's the story behind your lj username?: Well, i saw the lord of the rings and thought legolas was teh sex, so i became obsessed with orlando bloom. his nickname is Orli, and it's only natural to add a gasm to the end. I separated it with underscores cuz i wanted to somehow show i'm from long island, which probably doesnt work anyway. yeah im a tool.
Sexuality: straight
fave quote: Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.
lover?: if this is asking if i have a bf, then that's a yes.
fave book: Da Vinci Code, yeah I know everyone and their uncle have read this, but it's just so damn good
fave bands: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Soco, the Rasmus, My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard, Dashboard, Deathcab, The Format, Piebald, The Smiths/Morrissey, Straylight Run, Bayside, Coheed & Cambria, Modest Mouse, Rufio, Silverstein, Spitalfield, Hawthorne Heights, As Tall as Lions, The Veils, The Fastlane, TGUK, Eisley, Bright Eyes... i could go on and on, but i'll stop there.
fave movies: LotR, Princess Bride, A Knights Tale, A Christmas Story, Clerks, Dogma, Run Lola Run, Monty Python anything, Final Destination, Love Actually, About a Boy, Donnie Darko, Dodgeball, Anchorman, etc etc
fave foods:French fries, pizza, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, oh so healthy
Do you live in the moment?: Not really, unless you count thinking that every moment sucks, lol
favorite lyric from a song:Is that what you call tact? You're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back.
Picture: meee
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