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Ohhh Yeahhh wicked super duper dank survey...;

Basic Survey [ 87 questions]

Created by PinkEtnies and taken 10802 times on bzoink!

** basics **
Nickname:Hunni by Jessica, Court by many, CJ by mom, Boo (ONLY Craig...)
Location:Milton Mills, NH
Birthplace:Rochester, New Hampshire
Birthday:February 19
Righty or Lefty:Righty
Screenname:lxl safe bet lxl
** your looks **
Height:5'0 i have to...
Shoe size:9
Hair Color:blondish...but i dyed it bright red :D
Hair Length:wicked super duper short. like, i dont know, short.
Eye Color:green
Size:eh, no.
Glasses:HELL YES i have sexy emo glasses.
Braces:nope, im proud to say i do NOT look like a horse.
Piercings:ears, belly button, and i HAD my eyebrow pierced but i let it getting my tongue pierced though.
Tattoos:nah. not really interested.
** fashion **
Where do you shop:Hot Topic, JC Penny, Fashion Bug, Claires, K-mart, Wal*Mart...
What do you usually wear:Black Independent hoodie, jeans, green & white DC shoes.
What kind of shoes do you wear:i just told you. DC's. yeahhh welllll DC's are skate shoes.
Do you wear a watch:most of the time.
Color you never wear:i wear every color so i cant really answer that.
Color you wear at least once a week:grey.
Something you wear everyday:black.
Do you wear make up everyday:yes.
Make up essential:eyeliner...
Most cherished piece of clothing:my shoes.
You wouldn't be caught dead wearing:a dress!!! EEK.
Do you wear belts:yes...
Do you wear hats:OF COURSE.
How many pairs of shoes do you have:too many. i dont really feel like counting. if you want to know that bad you're welcome to go into my closet and count.
** music **
Favorite kind of music:emo!
Least Favorite:rap/R&B/hip hop
How many CD's do you have:a-lot...
Last CD you bought:brand new
Whats in your CD player right now:taking back sunday
Do you download music:yes.
** Favorites **
Ice cream:black raspberry
Quote:i lie for only you, and i lie well.
Store:hot topic/wal*mart/k-mart
Band:taking back sunday
Singer:adam lazarra
Group:...noooo isn't that the same as band. duh.
Song:i am fred astaire
Movie:super troopers
Actor:i dont have one of those.
Actress:i dont have one of those, either.
Kind of movies:comedy/horror
Place to be:craig's house
Time of day:2.00...hell yes, school's out!
Clothing Brand:i dont have oneeeee
Food:macaroni and cheese
Restaraunt:olive garden
Fast food place:KFC
Boy's name:craig
Girl's name:janine
** love and relationships **
Sexual Preference:straight
Boyfriend or Girlfriend:yeah!!!!!!!! craig!!!!!!!!!
Crush:uhmm...YEAH. craig.
Do you believe in love at first sight:of course.
What do you look for in a guy/girl:sense of humor, sensitivity
Best physical feature:hair
Best hair color:black
Best eye color:DARK...almost black, like dark dark brown.
** randoms **
Do you paint your nails:rarely
What color is your tooth brush:pink
What's on your desktop:books and a mongo CD player and my pet frog stanley.
Do you like roller coasters:yes
Do you do drugs:...cigarettes.
Are you a virgin:no
Do you have any pets:uh, yeah, i just told you about one of them. i have stanley (my frog) and missy (my dog). holy SHIT that rhymed.
What time do you go to sleep:whenever i want? jeez what kind of question is THAT.

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Hmm... I dunno, but I have a friend in Rochester. *shrugs*
really...? who?